What is a Professional Brain-Based Certification?

NOTICE: We are no longer accepting any new applicants for our certification program. We have chosen to limit the quantity of those with the original Jensen Learning certification to maintain quality.

Remember: Certification is the establishment of a level of competence and an endorsement by the authorizing agency. Firemen, cosmetic surgeons, police academies, dentistry schools, business schools, government agencies and private industry all offer certifications.

In brain-based education, the Jensen Learning Certification has been the "Gold Standard" of quality for many years. It was among the toughest and most interdisciplinary program available. It was a rigorous, full-service training that helped many get very, very good at this emerging discipline.

If any other person or trainer offers you certification, ask whether they are multidisciplinary. They should be qualified to train you in presentation skills, neuroscience, classroom applications and know vocabulary words like “mirror neurons” and neurogenesis. If they are not up to speed in those areas, keep searching.


    1. GET BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE! Read the following books for background: Teaching with the Brain in Mind by Jensen, The New Science of Teaching and Learning by Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Jensen, Tools for Engagement by Jensen and The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge.

    2. GET TRAINED! The foundational program for learning about the brain is a 6-day event called "Teaching with the Brain in Mind". The follow up program is a 2-Day “Tools for Engagement.” The next step is the 3-day trainer’s program, "Game Changers." Those 11 days of training will change your professional life.

    3. GET REFLECTIVE! Every single day you work, you’ll want to debrief and learn what to do better and differently next time.

Once you’re at any of the programs listed above, your trainer can provide additional direction.

Who is Currently Certified?

The trainers listed below have successfully completed the rigorous and extensive process of Certification with Jensen Learning, as well as maintained their certification through continuous training. Each is a Certified Trainer, working independently of Jensen Learning. Many (not all) are available for work referrals. Please contact Diane Jensen diane@jensenlearning.com for more information.

Dani Odri VIC Australia
Gary Anaka BC Canada
Jim Muckle ON Canada
Jean Seville Suffield QC Canada
Iliana Aljure Colombia
Anson Chen Hong Kong
Ricky Chan   Hong Kong
Rinnah Esprit-Maduro   Netherlands Antilles
Patricia Bentolila Panama
Yen Kai Lye Singapore
Yuki Kanai Strube Switzerland
Margo Turner AR United States
Bryan Harris AZ United States
Cheri Kinney AZ United States
Melissa Radwick CA United States
LeAnn Nickelsen CT United States
Kristina Long FL United States
Lisa Baker FL United States
Ann Greiner GA United States
Cynthia Greiner GA United States
Debra Smalley GA United States
Jacqueline Neal GA United States
Karen Martin GA United States
Paula Keele HI United States
Melanie Hoffner IA United States
Phyllis Gray IA United States
Glenn Purpura IL United States
Georgena Bayless IN United States
Marilyn Shopper KS United States
Elizabeth Cain MA United States
Becky Brodin MN United States
Charlene Myklebust MN United States
Craig Carson MO United States
Kathy Jackson MT United States
Bob Sherman NC United States
Debra Wilson NC United States
Donna Thomas NC United States
June Koster NC United States
Kim Cooke NC United States
Kimberly McClellan NC United States
Ragan Spain NC United States
Katie Claus NE United States
Bobbie Felip NJ United States
Erik Smith NV United States
Kimberly O'Brien NY United States
Patricia Markus NY United States
Susan Tomaszewski NY United States
Judith Kieffer OH United States
Sarah Kriska OH United States
Rick Doughty OR United States
Joanne Spence PA United States
Judy Newman SC United States
Karan Young TN United States
Alicia Alvarez-Calderon TX United States
Angeline Aguirre TX United States
Carrie Schreiber TX United States
Cid Schumpert TX United States
Ernest Izard, Jr TX United States
Jean Blaydes TX United States
Lezley Lewis TX United States
Scott Adams TX United States
John Almarode VA United States
Lorraine Whitehead VA United States
Brenda McKinney WA United States
Robert Piotrowski WI United States


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